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Vibrant™ Carpet Extraction Detergent


Vibrant™ Carpet Extraction Detergent
Vibrant™ combines the boosted cleaning power of high pH extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. Vibrant™ is a clear liquid that is instantly soluble in water. No time is wasted stirring; just mix and use. Not only is Vibrant easy to use, it is also crammed full of active ingredients to provide you with the best clean possible in the least amount of time. Vibrant is highly buffered to maintain cleaning efficiency even under the highest dilution and most challenging soiled conditions. This concentrated detergent provides you with the flexibility to use the product at various dilution ratios without losing cleaning effectiveness.
Select Pro™ Carpet Extraction Detergent


Select Pro™ Carpet Extraction Detergent
SelectProCarpet Extraction Detergent combines the cleaning power of extraction powders with the instant solubility of a liquid. It is very aggressive on all types of soil, yet safe for your customer’s carpets and for your machinery. SelectPro Carpet Extraction Detergent will effectively remove even the most deeply imbedded soils. It is very economical to use, yet uncompromising in results. SelectPro will tackle the toughest cleaning situations as it powers out everything from greasy restaurant soils to the dirtiest apartment carpets. Yet, it’s ready to use pH is within the recommended cleaning guidelines for warranted residential stain resistant carpets.
Refreshsoft™ Neutralizing Rinse


Refreshsoft™ Neutralizing Rinse
Refreshsoft Neutralizing Rinse is a concentrated neutralizing agent used in the final extraction and rinse of the extraction cleaning process for carpet and upholstery. It completes the ideal extraction cleaning with its non-resoiling formula that includes an encapsulant polymer. Laboratory tests demonstrate that Refreshsoft rinses out soil and residue, and protects against resoiling better than water alone. It stabilizes dyes, works to prevent browning and yellowing, pH neutralizes the carpet, and leaves a soft luxurious feel. As a neutralizing extraction rinse, Refreshsoft contain special added cleaning ingredients that makes it more effective at soil removal than conventional neutralizing rinses. It is safe and effective for all synthetic fibers, including warranted stain resistant carpets, as well as all water safe natural fibers.

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